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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  July 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. new details about the brutality of the beating suffered by brian stowe. what police reports reveal and a first look at the new suspects. >> thieves go into a piedmont avenue coffee house and run out with computers. people in the coffee house ran after them. we'll tell you what happens
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next. >> and the motive behind the madness to what we're learning about the man behind the massacre and why politics may have played a role. good evening, i'm anette. tonight our first look at the two new suspects in l.a. police custody in connection of the beating of brian stowe. they got the right men this time. now with these arrests, ben tracy says we are learning more about the attack. >> a case changed course and took a new path. >> the mayor of los angeles and its police chief now say they have the right suspects. luis sanchez age 29 and marvin norwood age 30, both accused of brutally beating brian stowe, a paramedic and father of two. giants fan was left with brain damage after the attack outside dodgers stadium on opening day march 31. >> our goal is to find justice for brian stowe. >> we now know how horrific his
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assault was. the new criminal complaint ans the two men did cut and disable stowe's tongue. the suspects live on a quiet cul-de-sac in a los angeles suburb. both men have a history of domestic violence, but friends are shocked. >> i don't think he did it. he wasn't that type of person. >> meanwhile, the lapd is facing tough questions. for months insisted gang member ramirez beat stowe. police arrested ramirez in may. >> in policing, it is just as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty. >> brian stowe is still in the hospital. earlier this week, he had emergency surgery, but today his sister told us over the phone that he is making good progress. >> if kids came up there with their mother and he had reached out, raised his hand to touch their hand. it has been amazing. >> a third suspect in the case
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was arrested, but released on bail. she's accused of being an accomplice. >> and tonight for the second time in fewer than two months, a deadly shooting in okayly. there was gunfire near the avenue and laurel road. police found one man dead in his car. the second victim was found nearby was taken to the hospital. officers are questioning a possible suspect and are searching for others. the shooting happened just down the street from another homicide last month. >> two teenagers are jailed tonight in connection with a shooting. neighbors in the 1100 block of laguna in san francisco's western edition say they heard shots. one of the bullets went through a window and hit the girl in her chest. her family says she was having a sleep other with her cousin when gunfire erupted. >> she ran out of the room saying i've been shot. so i sat her down and i dialed
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911 and they were here in about 3 minutes. >> investigators say an argument led to the gunfire. the two men arrested are 18- year-olds and 19-year-olds. police say the shooting appears to be gang related. it is long been a refuge for late night coffee lovers, but some thieves stole more than the peace and quiet. the cafe was the target of robbers who had something other than the cash register on their minds. don knapp is at the cafe. don. >> reporter: that's right. it was about this time last night when those young thugs went to the place behind me and ran outside. they certainly didn't expect people inside to chase them. when they did, well, it got interesting. here's what happened. >> there's not normally much excitement on piedmont avenue. focus quietly sipping lates. late friday night, things perked up. >> a cop pulled up to get his
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nightly coffee and there was a pop sound. it sounded like a cap gun or something and somebody scream, get down, and everybody hit the floor. >> i was scared. i mean, i heard the gun shot and a girl pam said get down. i'm like okay. we were down behind the counter for a minute. what do we do now? >> she says she saw three teenage boys casing the place when they made their move. >> they seemed a little fishy to me. they looked a little odd and walked in and they just all of a sudden, all three of them grabbed laptops. customers got up. one of them tackled one of the guys. >> with two laptops and an ipad, the teens headed out the door. with a couple customers hot on their heels. >> my friend eric, very big man, he ran after them and he said in the mist of the scuffle, he had them turned around and saw he was pulling out a gun and it accidentally
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fired. >> he could have been shot. >> he's convinced the kid would have shot him, but he ended up accidentally firing and hit an innocent bystander on the corner. >> the woman passing by with a man and children was treated for a bullet graze on her legs, she's okay. eric told us he tackled one of the thieves. >> we struggled out to the curb and as i was trying to force him to the ground, he pulled a pistol and it went off and at that point, i released him and there happened to be an officer pulling up at the same time. >> he got away. >> we thought gaylords may not want to talk, bad for business and all. they laughed that off. >> we have been insanely busy today. maybe it's a good thing. good for business anyhow. >> gaylord's opened tonight. people inside tapping away on their laptops, apparently confident that no one is going
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to take their computers away. >> that's good to see. thank you. well tonight evidence that norway massacre may have been motivated by politics. the death toll stands at 89. most killed in a shooting rampage that lasted an hour and a half. randall on the terror in latoya island. >> this picture shows the accused gunman in the middle of his deadly mission. the attorney for anders breivik. the facts say authorities is that a man dressed in a policeman's uniform killed young people who were attending a political rally. witnesses say the shooter gathered hundreds of teenagers by saying he was there for routine terror drill. >> some hid. some ran. others tried to swim away. adrian wounded in the shoulder described the terror. >> to hear bullets flying by
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our ears, seeing people get hit by bullets, just running next to you. it's chaotic. >> police say it took more than half an hour to get to the island. by then, the gunman killed at least 85 people. his rampage started earlier in downtown oslo. >> this is one of the buildings that was damaged by the become. >> norwegians are coping with the aftermath of his actions. leaving flowers on the street the gunman destroyed. >> why do you feel the need to be here? >> because it's my country and i don't want to show that i'm scared to be here and i feel very sad about what is happening here. >> hundreds gathered for memorials saturday night at the bomb site to mourn those lost. the prime minister says his country stands united. in oslo, norway, randall, cbs news. a motive is unclear, but breivik did post a series of
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angry messages online criticizing norway's ruling liberal labor party. a conservative party confirms he was a member of their youth party from 1999 to 2004. he makes his first court appearance on monday. > the body of five time grammy award winner, amy winehouse who was found dead today in her london apartment. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death, but winehouse struggled with substance abuse. the beehived tattooed singer, song writer's 2007 album, back to black, blasted the british artist into the stratus fear. drugs started to ravage her body. winehouse was only 27. ironically, that's the same age other famous musicians died. including jimmy hendricks, and kirk cobane. checking the area headlines, police made an
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arrest in a grizzly case from last month. fredy was found in buena vista park. he had been murdered and set on fire. david diaz has been booked on suspicion on arson and suicide. >> a stove as a source of fire at the retirement community. eight units of a two-story condominium were badly damaged just before 7:00 last night. but the 13 tenants got out safely. the stove was in a downstairs unit and the fire appeared to spread to the upper floor. and the pilot of the plane that crashed on the watsonville hospital campus had been licensed only four months earlier. david and his wife and two sons all died in the crash. witnesses told federal investigators the plane crimed steeply after takeoff, but then began to roll and nose dived into the ground. no one on the ground was hurt. courses of i do have gay
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couples are celebrating their right to marry in new york. i feel as if all obviously our representatives in congress are essentially addicted to money. >> and we'rey of gridlock in washington. a message as the clock clicks closer to the debt limit. >> jim bernard here in the weather center. low clouds and fog moving into the bay area tonight as we continue our below normal temperature pattern. however, there is a warmup on the horizon. we'll take a look at it coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,
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legal just a few hours ago in new york state -- gay rights i now pronounce you legally married. >> same sex marriage became legal a few hours ago in new york state. gay rights activists were among the first to tie the knot. they have been together for more than a decade. they are grandmothers with 12 grandchildren between them. still no deal on the debt limit and ten days to reach one. congressional leaders met briefly with the president again today, but neither side indicated any progress has been
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made. john boehner said he wants a framework of a deal before the open in asia monday. but both sides remain far apart. >> everyone is going to have to be willing to compromise otherwise we'll never get anything done. >> the american people have long since said it's time to quit spending money we don't have. >> the meetings will continue behind closed doors tomorrow. around the bay area and across the country, people watch and wait for movement in washington. some took their fear and frustration to a town hall meeting in the east bay. they had plenty to say. >> it's very frustrating. they aren't being honest with the american people. >> but until robin hood shows up, we have politicians trying to hammer out a deal and the rest of us waiting for word. >> i'm going to be 62 in august. >> nervous about the effect on government programs. >> there's a will the of people living on social security and that's all they
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have. >> i feel as if all of our representatives in congress are essentially addicted to money and they are not aware of the actual impact on real people of their positions. >> congressman held this town hall meeting to answer people's concerns and share his own. >> i think people are jockeying for structure, stature. they want to be the ones who have written, including the president, the definitive answer to how we will solve these budget problems. >> even though there is a fair amount of cynicism out there, most people we spoke with were confident that some sort of deal could be reached by august 2. >> i think you'll find as the hours get late, that they are going to compromise on a deal that may not be everybody's dream, but it should go to reforming government because otherwise we're going to be doing this every year for a decade. >> in alameda, cbs 5. it sure doesn't look like
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late july. today hundreds of skiers and snow boarders hit the slopes. this is the latest opening ever. the latest skiing for any, august 13, 1995 at mammoth. what do you think? could we see skiing there reasonably? >> it looks like they may be skiing in august as well. there will still be snow up there. >> that's amazing. >> the rivers are still running high, fast, and cold. keep that in mind if you are headed out to play around the rivers coming out of the sierras. there's still snow melt out there. no snow melt to speak of, we have low clouds and fog moving into the bay this evening, continuing our below normal temperature pattern here. we saw temperatures peeking out in the mid to upper 80s across the interior. mid to low 70s in the east bay with 60s on the peninsula and back to the beach, we'll be
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slightly warmer, but close to this as again, we're looking at a weather pattern that keeps us below normal for temperatures. upper 80s, should be in the 90s across the year and mid to low 70s for the east bay locations. our weather pattern continues with a very stubborn fog bank glued to the shoreline. it will back by midday to the beach, but there it will linger through the day and then we'll look for cooler air to move into the area by the beginning of the week. that will continue our cooler than normal weather pattern and by the end of next week, we're looking for things to warm up, which means we'll be looking for low 90s across the interior after the morning low clouds give way to mostly sunny skies. once again our typical summer pattern while the rest of the nation is experiencing heat wave. we continue to be slightly below normal as tomorrow we'll begin a degree or two, still in the mid and upper 80s and the
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70s across the east bay with mid 60s on the peninsula. continuing to cool into the beginning of the week as mentioned, then come the end of the week. we'll look for this pattern to break and high temperature and warmer temperatures come our way. close to seasonal norms for this time of the year and a welcome relief after this cool pattern gives way. >> we are lucky because it's good baseball weather. >> that too. we are missing the heat wave. >> exactly. kim has sports. >> everybody keeps saying the giants need to get a bat. but the way he is playing, beltran, who needs him. the low e.r.a. in the national league, but no one has been stunnier than the giants bullpen. could they finally beat the yankees? find out next in sports. ♪
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11-straight to the yankees dating back to last season... it's their longest losing streak against new york in 54- years.... the a's lost 11 straight to the yankees dating back to last season. it's their longest losing streak against new york in 54 years. this little guy doing his best rain dance. it was only 93 degrees at first pitch today after triple digits. 3rd inning, yankees up. give the a's the lead. number 13 for willingham. weeks is showing no signs of cooling off. he comes out with the two-out single. make it 3-1. weeks is hitting .452 since the all-star break. bottom of the 6th, nick swisher, a solo shot into the second deck off rich harden.
11:23 pm
12th of the year for swisher. the a's got the run right back. former yankee knows all about the short portion right. he hits one into the front row, career homer number 501. 4-2a's. final chance for the yankees. andrew bailey, the a's hang on 4-3 and end their 11 game losing streak against the yankees. >> we're going streaking. >> the yankees averaged over seven runs per game during the winning streak, but the a's held them to just three and they'll have a chance to win the series tomorrow with gonzalez on the mound. everyone agrees that the giants have one of the baseball's best start rotations, but you can make an argument that the bullpen has been even more valuable this year. family day at the ballpark for the giants, cody ross' son showing off his wheels. top of the 4th, ryan hammers
11:24 pm
the first pitch of the inning into the left field bleachers, 1-0 brewers. later in the 4th, brewer threatening for more. going to try and score from second, but cody makes a strong throw to the plate and chris stewart reaches over to make the tag. take another look. stewart before he touches the plate. the giants get on board in the bottom of the 4th. hits one the other way. aubrey huff score, give the giants a 2-1 lead. part of a three-hit night for him. then five relievers combined to throw four no-hit innings and they got some help. showing off the hop. the bullpen allowed one earned run since the all-star break. giants up 3-2 in the 8th. when they get insurance, andre torres singles. comes in to score. the giants beat the brewers 4-2 and remain four games up in the
11:25 pm
west. vogelsong only lasted five innings, but improves to 8-1, once again qualifies for the lowest e.r.a. in the national league. in fact, he is third in all of baseball behind only jared weaver and josh beckett. day 20 of the tour de france. he moved ahead of the brothers to take the yellow jersey and a one minute 34 second lead. meaning the champagne will likely be flowing in tomorrow's final stage in the 34-year-old evans closes in on his first ever tour de france win. it was a frustrating night in salt lake for frank in the earthquakes. scoreless in the 60th minute when salt lake's alvaro flopped and gets the call. quakes to center, bobby gets a red card while sabariyo gets a penalty kick. first goal in four halves for
11:26 pm
salt lake. they win 4-0. the quakes are winless in their last eight. still to come, john daly is in the hunt at the canadian open and casey kaine goes for quite a ride. the latest on his condition is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the canadian open... john daly is tied for fifth and only three 65 1k3 has a one-shot lead after three rounds at the canadian open. john daly and his pants are tied for 5th and only three
11:29 pm
shots back. name was on top of the leader board through 36 holes at the senior british open. but he blew the lead after a triple bogie on 13. luckily he would finish his round with a shot on 18. that set up an easy birdie put to get it back to 7 under and tied for the lead. >> a group of nba stars which included toby bryant, kevin durant sets up his teammate for the big jam to beat the all stars 131-105. and finally there's no spring cup race this weekend, but casey kaine didn't spend his week laying on the beach. his car summer salted over the railing last night and a world of outlaws race, amazingly he was not injured and expected to be back behind the wheel next sunday for the brick yard 400. he didn't just walk away from that accident, he ran towards
11:30 pm
the crowd and the crowd cheered and went crazy. >> i'm totally unfamiliar with that vehicle. it looks like a tin can. >> it looks like a soap box derby vehicle. it definitely does. those guys, nascar racing guys in general will generally race anything. especially at daytona. you have seen them do the 24 hour race, yeah, definitely. they crazy. >> don't try that at home. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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this is what a million dol finally tonight, if you love wine, you might want to look away. this is what a million dollars worth of wine looks like. worthless. the bottles were smashed in an accident in australia. it was loading a 13-ton container when something went wrong. 462 cases crashed to the floor. in case you're wondering, there were $200 bottles and they were headed for the u.s. we will never know if it was a good year. >> oops. >> no kidding. that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00. thanks for watching. see you back here at 5:30. have a good night. ,, hitting the road? get real time traffic and weather together every ten minutes. all news kcbs. now on 106.9fm.
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